In my industry of retail menswear, it is virtually a requirement in this digital age to develop and maintain a web presence and profile. Whether you are a customer buying goods, a retailer … or [Read More]
The back of the phone features a metallic bump on the top, similar to the Nokia PureView bump, but that doesn't mean the camera is comparable (more on that later). We really like the brushed [Read More]
Does the thought of attempting off-camera flash sound intimidating? If so, you're not alone! Many photographers gravitate toward natural light or simple flash setups when tackling photo projects, but the truth is that mastering off-camera [Read More]
In our test lab we took a closer look at the C300 Mark II's performance and found it less powerful than expected. At cinema5D we conduct camera reviews and comparisons. As manufacturers are not limited [Read More]
Do you own a Samsung product? Then Dr. Samsung is calling you in with your Samsung devices! Customers with devices such as phones, TV sets, audio visual devices, digital cameras, I.T products and home appliances [Read More]
A Post By: James Maher. If you have seen the recent photos of the record snowfall in Buffalo, NY, you know that for much of the world winter is here and it's coming fast, whether [Read More]
When it comes to camera apps, I really haven't been the adventurous type. I generally stick with the stock camera app that comes on the device I am using. Why? Well, most of the camera [Read More]
SHERIDAN — Dr. Connie Fisk will present “Navigating the Produce Department Gauntlet” on Friday as part of the Sheridan College Museum of Discovery Science Lecture Series. Fisk is a sustainable food systems instructor at SC [Read More]
But what does this new top of the line digital camera offer that would make you want to splash out a couple of hundred pounds. Lets take a closer look at one of if not [Read More]
The only thing that breaks up the flat, rubberised feel of the back panel is a silver BlackBerry logo and the porthole-style housing for the PRIV's 18MP camera. All in all the outer chassis of [Read More]
Cape Girardeau, Missouri: Businesses are increasingly investing in online marketing as a way to better engage a digital audience. … We'll focus on practical tips for utilizing social media, search engines and mobile, and why [Read More]
Get Busy Living Life Sells- Dreamstime: Blogs about stock photography; tips about stock images and how to generate revenue from your photos.
An assortment of photo-shooting tools for creative, personalised expressions: The K-S2 provides a choice of 11 Custom Image modes for flexible control of various parameters, as well as nine digital filters. Coupled with 19 …
The Bad Though its LaneWatch camera is nice, the Accord is still lacking a proper blind-spot monitoring option. The Bottom Line Beneath a minor physical refresh, the 2016 Honda Accord gets a dashboard tech overhaul [Read More]
The center is offering a new three-session Introduction to Digital Photography class on Thursdays from 1 to 2:30 p.m., beginning Aug. 7. Session one will cover the use of the camera and a short history [Read More]
The main achievement of the project is the 360-degree vehicle-surrounding sensor system that enables existing systems—cameras, radar, lidar (laser detection), and GPS—to share information seamlessly. One benefit of the system is that it can perceive …
If you're using the laptop for basic to intermediate tasks, such as Web browsing, email, watching videos, playing casual or older games, or light photo and video editing, then the Core i5 is plenty. The [Read More]
WASHINGTON » Black students are more likely to be suspended from U.S. public schools — even as tiny preschoolers. The racial disparities in American education, from access to high-level classes and experienced teachers to discipline, [Read More]
The RACV wants less confusing signs and traffic camera watchdog Gordon Lewis has launched a review into the controversial camera system. But VicRoads road operations director Keith Weegberg on Friday said there would be no [Read More]
(The filmmaker, a maestro of action spectaculars like the “Transformers” series, borrows from his own signature moment in “Pearl Harbor” when the camera follows a bomb dropped by a Japanese plane all the way down [Read More]
He founded three firms specializing in aspects of digital photography or video: Scitex, Electronics for Imaging and iMedia. Jimmy Dawkins, 76, of Chicago, … He worked in a box factory before playing on the street [Read More]
There is the 4.5-inch LCD display with a resolution of 854×480 pixels, a microphone, a 2-megapixel front facing camera, and a bunch of sensors that sit about the screen. Things change on the back. It [Read More]
D.p. Daisuke Soma (“Miss Zombie,” “Tokyo Tribe”) brings high-speed momentum to chase scenes that rip through ghostly arcades and alleyways; at a climactic dance, his camera evokes the eerie, mythical dimension of the ancient rituals [Read More]
… Apple announced the iPad mini 4 (and iPad Pro) alongside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus rather than hosting a separate event this year. But if you're in the market for a new [Read More]
They want to be able to point the camera vaguely in the direction of the subject, and then softly intone the command, "Take a picture of that". They hope for the best, but don't expect [Read More]
Whereas ex-footballer (and the first camp mate to be evicted) Jimmy Bullard always seemed to be aware of the cameras, Fogarty was simply enjoying the experience. The fact that he was entertaining – quick-witted; pragmatic; [Read More]
Long gone are the days when a phone with a camera, apps, and a slick operating system had to cost a fortune. Vodafone wants to make bank on the growing interest in low-end handsets, and [Read More]
Best Buy has the Fujifilm – FinePix T500 16.0-Megapixel Digital Camera marked down from $159.99 to only $59.99 with Free Shipping as the Deal of the Day.
Fujifilm X-Pro 1 16MP Digital Camera with APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor (Body Only) Best Price Fujifilm X-Pro 1 16MP Digital …
Plug this into your drone camera stream and you can fly it as if you're onboard. Technically, the device isn't especially remarkable. When I tried it on, I didn't notice any superior virtual reality immersion [Read More]
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