In this July 11, 2015 photo provided by Jonathan Elderfield Photography, Bicia Milioto, right, and Nick Trivigno return to the reception after posing for family portraits, shortly after the wedding ceremony at The Liberty House [Read More]
Are you looking for the general tips that can help you in your business im promoting your services and makes your perfect wedding videographer? If you have all such questions in your mind then this [Read More]
LATE: The same day – April 9 – as the mother of Gwen "Cookie" Caldwell turned 100 years young, Gwen and her husband, Dean, celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary. I had the pleasure of meeting [Read More]
If your wedding and reception are outside during the day, chances are there may not be much direct flash photography, if any at all, so using foundation with a higher SPF would not be so [Read More]
Maybe not a tip exactly, but the thing that impressed me most about Slovenia was how picturesque it is. Not only in Bled, Bohinj, etc., but everywhere. I travelled around by bus and train and, [Read More]
If you're reading an article here on Popular Photography: Wedding, then you probably already know that wedding photography is a tricky thing. Even if you know your camera cold, taking on the White Whale of [Read More]
The exhibit offers the elegance of 30 different wedding days. See a timeline of bridal dresses from 1840-1954, and displays such as a bridal couple's reception, a bride and her mother, and a bride creating [Read More]
Do you spend more time researching photography gear than shooting? Do you believe that you can't achieve a particular look without buying the latest shiny product? Then you might be suffering from G.A.S., also known [Read More]
The economy has changed greatly since the invention of the internet, and many are now turning to online options to generate side income or even make a full-time living from home. This option is perfect [Read More]
We appreciate the depth of their experience and love the raw emotion they capture in their photos, the art and their legacy. So it's made us sad to see quite a few wedding photographer horror [Read More]
Services such as photography, wedding invitations, bridal make-up, DJ and entertainment, can definitely be assigned to your friends. It is easier to convince these people in your life to offer their services at a discount [Read More]
Because of the tremendous amount of preparations that need to be done during a wedding, there are some things that are in danger of being overlooked. Wedding photography Sydney, for example, can be easily overlooked [Read More]
Picking a photographer to document your wedding day is a big decision that most often comes with a substantial price tag. Professional photographer Jennifer Kapala joined Calgary's Global News Morning on Monday with some tips [Read More]
Austin, Tx based Photographer Travis Tank is one of the most candid and real wedding photographers that I've had the pleasure of talking to in a while. Travis's story is a fascinating one that begins [Read More]
After seven years and upward of 100,000 wedding day photos, I know a few tricks when it comes to looking your best on your wedding day. Friends and … are equally important. Here are 10 [Read More]
As a coach, I've had the pleasure of working with many formerly self-described non-runners, most of whom have gone on to be — you guessed it -0- runners. In spending time with these fabulous folks, [Read More]
As a coach, I've had the pleasure of working with many formerly self-described non-runners, most of whom have gone on to be — you guessed it -0- runners. In spending time with these fabulous folks, [Read More]
This is the only photography award worldwide that reaches out to people, encouraging them to express through their images how they think of peace—this fundamental need of all of us—and to use their creativity and [Read More]
There's also a guide to European museums, including what to see and what to skip and how to get the most for your money, plus tips on getting to Europe on frequent-flyer miles and etiquette [Read More]
It was a home-grown app dreamt up by designer Alex Harding which let you take a picture and record a sound at the same time – essentially pickling your experience. Alex came up … I'd [Read More]
Photographer Roland Bast is going to be giving tips on night photography outdoors at the Canadian Museum of History — which means getting your own hauinting image of the Parliament Buildings is a real possibility, [Read More]
But still, engagement photos are important, as you can use them for your Save the Date and invitation cards, and it allows you to test-drive your wedding photographer. The latter is more important than you [Read More]
With an extensive background in wedding photography and family portraits, he has spent recent years perfecting his fast-action, sports photography. Royall shared techniques he uses outdoors, on location, and in the studio. “In Allegheny you've [Read More]
Photography is an interesting area with many photography enthusiasts looking to create some extra cash on the side offering inexpensive marriage photography. After spending thousands for just the outfit alone, never mind the cathedral, the [Read More]
Use one or all of these tips to reclaim some time for more important things, like booking more clients or just having more time to play with your kids. Have your … 10 Signs You [Read More]
I received an email from her saying we wouldn't want to lose our deposit, and that even though we weren't going to go with her for our wedding day, we should schedule other pictures with [Read More]
… their attention already. This same strategy of treating your Instagram as your online portfolio also applies to other artistic work such as a fashion or wedding photography, portrait or even a painter – you [Read More]
Originally intended to change the local perspective of street art from a form of vandalism to one of beauty, the Cambodian Urban Art Festival is especially relevant this year since city hall's controversial move to [Read More]
The startup operates ecommerce sites ( in Malaysia and in Singapore) that offer tips and advice on each step, and link you with vendors who can help you with whatever you need. Co-founded by [Read More]
Part of the day's restaurant/bar sales will go to the shelter, all band tips will be donated, and many items will be up for auction from many local business. …. FOREST ACRES ART TUESDAY (FAAT) [Read More]
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