Blood on 1000x Microscope HD 1080p

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music: Fedaden – no me siento DIY info : Captured using my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) and a home.


Alpha says:

“The rouleaux observed by alternative medicine practitioners are almost
always artifacts due to the slight drying of the blood sample around the
edges of the coverslip or due to clumping in areas of the slide where there
is a large concentration of red cells. In micro­scopy, an artifact is
something that looks abnormal or odd but is actually insignificant and is
ignored by a trained professional. Blood cells will normally start to clot
and stack upon coming in contact with glass. Observa­tion of red cell
rouleaux on a darkfield microscope from a finger-stick sample obtained from
a customer or patient is diagnostic of nothing.”

ArchangelExile says:

I really wish the freaking slide wasn’t moved around so rapidly so often. 

Regina Rau says:

that blood is absolutely clustered – it is moneyroll-blood – I guess the
owner of this blood is somebody who telefones a lot with his handy… he
should look for some possibilities to get his blood unclustered again,
because this clustering can cause all kinds of unwanted effects, such as

Jeremy Cole says:

love the music man. It goes perfect when observing blood … >:-)

avagatamos meep says:

At 1:41 thats probably not a cancer cell it could be dust or dirt

Glenda Bixler says:

Used today at Book Readers Heaven to complement book review of The Blood

Ada Repli says:

Please do a timelapse of abloodcell drying up. I think it’d look really
cool. Don’t forget to tag me.

Krishna Mahato says:

telescope changed the geo-astrological world and this microscope changed
the microbiological world…priceless innovations!!!

Aurel Manea says:

Yeah, that took a loong time. DIY info up :

GeetarAdam says:

Sweet! I found this video because, like yourself, I’ve always wanted a
legitimate microscope. It’s a window into a world otherwise hidden, and
that’s fascinating! I’m looking for something with up to x1000
magnification and wanted to know what I could expect to see. Thanks for
the vid!

Renee11123 says:

The dried blood at the end looks so cool, yet creepy. They look like
something from a horror movie. 0_0

val d says:

I hope for you that you ll have a million of views ;)

isay19v says:

this blood is unhealthy,red cells shouldn’t stack like that! if the subject
is a man i suggest imediat atention.

Marky Holbrook says:

I seen an active Cancer cell, better get that checked out ;p
at 1:41

Collin Bru says:

Looks like sliced carrots

Jaylen Raybon says:

Whomevers blood that is, is in need for serious medical attention.

Bcott Studios says:

very unhealthy blood

Eva says:

What’s with the creepy music…?

Barack Obama says:

I will never be the same.

Greg Kirkpatrick says:

How come my blood cells don’t move under the microscope?

pixelsafoison says:

The music is a perfect match … This video is pure epicness. I was worried
about so many things in my life before watching this and now … I
temporarily do not give a shit anymore.

Joseph Briffa says:

well i guess i’m buying a microscope

Nex Wex says:

Awesome ambient choice dude.

This goes right into mine “Beautiful Ambient Music” playlist!

l3urns1 says:

drinking water reduces blood pressure

J Jones says:

Almost looks like the edge of the universe in which we can see. 

OneBroToFistThemAll says:

What kind of blood is that?! Very strange…

IThinkWithMy Liver says:

PROOF that there are NO gods or any other make-believe fantasy crap!

alex kay says:

What kind of microscope did u buy? Could u give me name pls.

Airynn Alysha says:

Im disgusted. Ew no

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