We always put a lot of attention into the camera section of our smartphone reviews, particularly just in an effort to provide you with samples of shot with the camera of the phone we're testing. [Read More]
As well and the Compact and Premium versions, the regular Xperia Z5 is here and this is our full and in-depth review. See: The best phones of 2015. Updated 18 January 2016 with audio tests, [Read More]
In the long and ignominious history of video-game-to-film adaptations, Ratchet & Clank may be the movie that sticks closest to its source material. It respects the game, paying homage constantly and following the tone and [Read More]
The iSight camera on the Lil Pro is even better than the Big Pro's camera, because it has a True Tone flash and supports Live Photos, which the Big Pro doesn't. Plus, it records 4K [Read More]
Huawei Terminals's sub-brand Honor on Thursday launched its new Honor 5C in China. Priced at CNY 899 (roughly Rs. 9,000) for the 3G model, the Honor 5C also comes in 4G model that has been [Read More]
As part of Apple's "let's give people every possible reason to buy this iPad" strategy, it's not only bumped up the quality of the tablet's cameras, but brought them all the way to parity with [Read More]
The movie, which has been dropping ominous little shock-edits into the action for some time, erupts briefly, even showing us a scene's camera slate as something transformational happens to the two women. From here on, [Read More]
The Olfi's build sets it apart from most other action cameras, with a solid feel both in and out of its housing. It offers plenty of video options, from 4K to 720p at an impressive [Read More]
The Note 3 has perhaps the best camera I've used on a sub-$200 phone. The 16-megapixel rear snapper focuses quickly and does a good job reproducing colors and contrast naturally. However, it does have trouble [Read More]
You'll find a ThinkPad logo on the back top left corner, right next to the rear camera. A small switch releases a kickstand that you can pull out and adjust to your liking. The hinge [Read More]
Reviews. Top Categories; CNET 100 · Appliances · Audio · Cameras · Desktops · Headphones · Laptops · Networking · Phones · Printers · Roadshow · Smart Home · Software · Storage · Tablets · [Read More]
… with Touch ID and compatibility with Apple Pay. The backside of the iPhone SE has a subtle upgrade to the main iSight camera, which now has a 12-megapixel image sensor, True Tone flash and [Read More]
If you're keenly waiting the arrival of your preordered Pentax K-1 or Sony RX10 III — or you're just hoping to be able to process raw files from our reviews so you can decide whether [Read More]
Although August made its name with its flagship product, the August Smart Lock, the company hasn't been sitting still with its goal to increase its family of home access products. The Smart Keypad accessory we [Read More]
HTC's prowess when it comes to design, build quality, software, and audio experience are well known, but one of the reasons for the company's poor run in the flagship game in recent years has had [Read More]
DSLRs, or digital single-lens reflex cameras, work by bouncing light that comes in through the lens up through the viewfinder at the back of the camera. That way, you can see exactly what your frame [Read More]
Little-known Indian startup Smartron was founded in 2014 but only made the news a month ago when it was announced that Sachin Tendulkar was investing in the company and would act as its brand ambassador. [Read More]
… less expensive than similarly-equipped devices. Whether this budget device is a solid daily driver with good specs, we'll investigate in this Umi Touch review. …. The camera captures rich and deep colors. Unfortunately, most [Read More]
[MUSIC] With two cameras stuck to the back and Leica branding as well, Huawei's new flagship P9 is all about the photography, so let's take a closer look. Only one of two lenses on the [Read More]
TP-Link's portfolio of networking products for the home or office continues to grow at a rapid pace and has in recent years been expanded to include a range of cloud cameras. Designed to be affordable [Read More]
Every Fujifilm X-Series mirrorless camera since the X-Pro1 used essentially the same sensor and had near-identical image quality; the X-Trans II sensor simply added phase-detection autofocus points. But with the X-Pro2, Fujifilm's third-generation …
"I've heard we, as a society, take more photos in three days than were taken from the beginning of photography to about 2004," says Andy Lopusnak, manager of Mike's Camera in Dublin. "Most of them [Read More]
Even so, there are alternatives that can offer better battery life for long journeys, or more connectivity for office use, and the less expensive MacBook Air will still hold strong appeal for many business travellers. [Read More]
DETROIT, MI – Backup cameras are now almost ubiquitous on new cars and trucks. But the 360-view system we had on a 2016 Kia Optima we tested is still a novelty. Officially called a Surround [Read More]
Who's using Facebook Messenger? Facebook's stats department will tell you that every month, more than 800 million people use it and 9.5 billion photos are sent through it. But on the rare occasions I use [Read More]
They're soaking up the sun in Costa Rica, all the while one of the friends, Jill most of the time, is capturing everything on camera. Basically we're watching someone's home video. The camera is very [Read More]
I can't hold back: I have to take out my mockery stick and bash the Leica M-D with it. After all, at $6,000 (£4,650; Australia pricing unavailable, but that's about AU$7,900) it's not only more [Read More]
It's extraordinary, intense, butt-clenchingly gripping television – all of it, but the interviews especially. I found myself pressing pause, to study the evidence – item reference EGH1, item reference MB1-4, traffic camera images, everything – [Read More]
It's the precision, though, that wins it for HTC. Everything is symmetrical, with the headphone jack, camera sensor and USB-C port on the bottom, all in line with each other. I would have preferred to [Read More]
But don't let its looks or budget price fool you: The iPhone SE is actually more powerful than Apple's previous-generation iPhone 6, thanks to the inclusion of an A9 chip and 12-megapixel camera. This is [Read More]
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