Android fans could be in for a rude awakening when the next version of the OS arrives – the app drawer might be due for retirement. Plenty of smartphone makers have axed the app drawer [Read More]
The announcement comes from a OnePlus forum administrator. "We are pushing out a hotfix for the image corruption issue some of you have been seeing with the OnePlus Camera after the last update. Sorry for [Read More]
fujifilm_x-t1_01 While companies like Sony have been introducing 4K video capture to its camera lineup, the same cannot be said for Fujifilm. In fact the company's latest camera, the X-Pro2 does not have 4K, which [Read More]
But where the Oculus Rift will ship with only a standard Xbox One gamepad to control your games and a camera to mirror the movements of your head, the Vive comes with two wireless motion [Read More]
While audiences around the world watch the glamorous Oscars proceedings on television, a whole different array of memorable starry moments are happening off-camera. Because the Academy Awards bring together so many top talents, the wings [Read More]
At the end of the week: If you used a digital camera, upload your photos to a computer. If you used a non-digital camera, have your … Relates Regie about his photography:” Nagsimula po ang [Read More]
The dual camera system and metal body are brilliant additions, but it's the upgrade slot in the bottom we're most interested in. You'll be able to drop accessories and add-ons straight into the phone, giving [Read More]
The smartphone packs a 5-inch HD display and runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating system. It is powered by a quad-core processor and flaunts a 13MP rear camera. Is this affordable smartphone worth your money? [Read More]
The Academy didn't want to nominate Tremblay, but the show's producers sure worked to get him on camera at every available opportunity, especially when he reacted with great enthusiasm to the Star Wars cameo. — [Read More]
Earlier I have posted three articles about unboxing, camera reviews & audio reviews of Redmi Note 3 and I have got many messages and comments to publish the full reviews. In this article I'm going [Read More]
The front side of the phone is dominated by the 5-inch display, an 8MP selfie camera, earpiece and the navigation keys, which looks pretty standard and doesn't compliment the overall design. Also the navigational keys [Read More]
Reliance Digital earlier this month listed its entry-level Lyf-branded smartphone, the Flame 1, on its website. The company on Sunday officially launched the smartphone along with a new Lyf Wind 6 (seen above) smartphone as [Read More]
I've written most of this review on the Pi 3, actually. It has a browser too, called Epiphany, and while it's not as fast as browsing on … For the true Pi geeks, the GPIO [Read More]
While audiences around the world watch the glamorous Oscars proceedings on TV, a whole different array of memorable starry moments are happening off-camera. Because the Academy Awards bring together so many top talents, the wings [Read More]
Camera (color, HD), Xavier Grobet; editor, Jan Kovac; music, Nick Urata; music supervisor, Jason Ruder; production designer, Beth Mickle; art directors, Elisa Viola, Derek Jensen; set decorator, Lisa Sessions Morgan; costume designer, Lisa Lovaas …
… communities been offered an opportunity to not only explore optimal photography packages, make-up products, five-star cuisines, decadent desserts and reception design ideas, but to also receive one-on-one expert advice from wedding professionals.
The Good Nest Cam's high-resolution video (1080p), magnetic base, pivoting stand and updated app make this DIY device an improvement over Dropcam Pro — and many other DIY cameras. The Bad Like Dropcam Pro, Nest [Read More]
To the left of the top speaker, you'll find a standard-issue, 5MP front-facing camera and a sensor cluster designed to look as much like a second camera as possible. Taking up the majority of the [Read More]
The CCSO reviews all photographs before issuing a citation. The speed cameras use LASER technology to detect speeding vehicles and capture a series of digital images of the vehicle. The cameras record the date, time, [Read More]
Obviously appropriate for a doc series held at the Museum of Modern Art, the film holds some appeal for fashion and political fringedwellers beyond the art world. Shot with little attention to framing on what [Read More]
I started to take pictures with it and after a while I had a serious talk with my parents at age 13-14 asking for a digital photo camera and actually a big thanks to my [Read More]
Even though the pictures weren't quite the best, I still found the camera to be more than acceptable. I'd gladly use it without complaint. It's mainly for the purposes of this review that I need [Read More]
Instead, it's choosing to focus on camera quality and battery life – two smartphone features that tend to rank highly for most people. The idea makes some sense: offer the most important things, drop the [Read More]
Oculus Rift, on the other hand, only gets you a headset, the camera and an Xbox One controller. More importantly, Oculus has yet to announce how much its motion-sensing Touch controllers will cost. Once you [Read More]
The Samsung Gear VR is a groovy little way to turn your compatible Galaxy smartphone into a very creditable VR headset. Now, the Gear 360 turns it into a full-on VR movie production studio. As [Read More]
But Abrams still remains hopeful of more diversity explored in upcoming stories from a galaxy far, far away. "It's in private meetings, it's in private phone calls, it's in interviews," Abrams said. "I know that [Read More]
In addition to these videos, the B&H Explora blog presents new product announcements, gear reviews, helpful guides, and tech news written by product experts and industry professionals. When you're in Manhattan, take a tour of [Read More]
If you've followed our reviews for the past year, it was probably evident that the Galaxy S6 was one of the best phones launched last year. With one of the better designs in terms of [Read More]
The iPhone 6S has a fantastic camera with fast auto-focus and 12MP and has produced some of the best smartphone shots we've seen. The Galaxy S7's camera has been confirmed as also being 12MP, meaning [Read More]
In Austin, it's possible to have any type of wedding. You can escape to the Hill Country for a rustic reception, host a modern wedding in a gallery, or keep it weird by tying the [Read More]
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