Twitter/@OnLeaksIn line with upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, details on their specifications, price, and release have been revealed. In line with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, details on [Read More]
Huawei's Honor Holly was a great smartphone but had a few short comings, like its average camera, a small 2,000 mAh battery. Shortly after launch it was trumped by Xiaomi's Redmi 1s, which offered better [Read More]
2016 is going to see the usual annual updates to smartphones, tablets, cameras, notebooks and the like, but there are a bunch of truly innovative and hugely exciting new devices on the way. You want [Read More]
He appears so relaxed in front of the camera that his acting seems completely effortless. Related: John Krasinski: 'I don't want The Office to go away'. As a director, his second feature following Brief Interviews [Read More]
New Year's Eve Bliss forToday FM Presenter Louise Duffy and Kerry Footballer Paul Galvin as they leave St Tiernan's Church Crossmolina Mayo where they were married yestersday. Pic Conor McKeown New Year's Eve Bliss forToday [Read More]
It seems like 3D printing keeps offering more and more options to easily make 3D models, and now, Sculpteo is sharing tips on how to 3D print a model from a 2D photograph, too. Of [Read More]
Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik gave has first on-camera interview as a solo artist with Beats 1's Zane Lowe, set to air in full Thursday afternoon. Malik will release his debut single, "Pillowtalk," on [Read More]
… from a ribbed chrome-effect plastic to a smoother, glossy, coloured plastic strip. Even the specifications and features are largely the same. The Galaxy S5 Neo's screen, camera, battery, connectivity, RAM, storage and water-proofing have [Read More]
Mad Catz' RAT Pro X is nothing if not ambitious. The completely modular design allows for every piece, from the sensor to the scroll wheel, to be swapped at the user's leisure. We've seen mice [Read More]
The "superphone" has a decent 13-megapixel primary camera, which actually took photos (with auto-focus) in less than a second. However, the phone took more than a second to take photo with a single-tone LED flash [Read More]
“But stick with it to the end and I guarantee you will be a better photographer for it.” He also recommends that you band together with a group of photographers to shoot and share the [Read More]
Your bike can be in tip-top shape and you can be aware of every single law, but none of that matters if your helmet comes flying off when you fall. “Make sure your helmet fits [Read More]
Are you looking for a camera with a powerful zoom lens in a pocket-friendly package? In 2015, Panasonic catered to this need with its Lumix ZS50 digital camera. A year later, it follows up with [Read More]
It will even activate the front camera to help with placement if you're not near a mirror. The first Vibe programs all have narration, and talk you through how the Vibe works, and how it [Read More]
It's also the first PEN camera to feature an viewfinder, a much requested feature up to now. That's a good start. According to Olympus, the PEN-F will be the envy of 'photo hipsters' – I [Read More]
… a Gun, you'd still walk out with the suspicion that something must have gone awry. Since the film's last-minute rewrites, casting switcheroos, and musical chairs behind the camera are irrelevant to the actual quality [Read More]
The Note 3 Lite sports a 13-megapixel camera on the rear with autofocus and LED flash. There's also a 5-megapixel camera on the front. There's an option to quick launch the camera app by double [Read More]
Jenny Taylor, a photographer with a Chicago-based boudoir photography studio, has been doing boudoir sessions with women full-time for the past six years. When a client books with her, she shares a document called Jenny's [Read More]
The isometric-ish overhead camera is also a problem. It's zoomed in too close, so close that it has to draw back for any kind of platforming challenge (all of which are frustrating, anyway). It's in [Read More]
Huawei's Honor Holly was a great smartphone but had a few short comings, like its average camera, a small 2,000 mAh battery. Shortly after launch it was trumped by Xiaomi's Redmi 1s, which offered better [Read More]
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a stationery snob. I love the feel of a good, heavy cardstock—the thicker, the better—and picking the right style of invitation to go with that beautiful paper [Read More]
What do you do with a library of old photo albums, with boxes and bins of pictures from decades ago, plus thousands of digital images stored on smartphones, computers and hard drives? What is the [Read More]
The primary camera has a small cutout on the back, right corner. It was thoughtful of Google to recess the camera module so that it doesn't get scratched. The front facing camera is dead center [Read More]
For a while, the sheer scope and relentlessness of the ocean storm carries it along, especially in the scenes on Ray's tanker, where the camera drifts through the bowels of the ship to capture all [Read More]
Capture One made its name as a professional solution for tethered shooting when using Phase One and Mamiya Leaf medium format cameras. The camera is connected by cable to a computer, which you use to [Read More]
Olympus, like Fujifilm, has had a good deal of success rehashing its classic film camera designs as powerful, modern digital cameras. The company's excellent OM-D line, and especially the top OM-D E-M1, are a joy [Read More]
Some slo-mo action moves, loud music and static camera movements help the audience realize much sooner than the coach that Madhi is the dream talent he's been looking for. Did you just say the sequence [Read More]
Electronic Superhighway is a mess of monitors and post-internet paintings, real dumb objects and unreal dumb intimacies. Noisy and confusing, there's lots of sex, selfies, manipulated images, YouTube comedy acts and Jill Magid's up-skirt camera [Read More]
Moving on to the rear side, the camera module has been moved from the corner to the center of the device, alongside the fingerprint sensor in the same module. There is a dual-tone LED Flash [Read More]
The company is good at creating models that cater to specific needs, such as the Vibe P1 (Review | Pictures) with its oversized battery, the Vibe Shot (Review | Pictures) for camera lovers, the Vibe [Read More]
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