The HTC One M8 has a HTC UltraPixel Duo Camera including a 5Mp front camera with wide angle lens. There isn't as much detail in photos compared to the M8's rivals but because its pixels [Read More]
Heisler also identified some annoyances with the camera, such as freezes, although he said other cameras may have their own problems, so ultimately it's up to the user to find ways to deal with any [Read More]
GoPro, the maker of best-selling action cameras, has released a new line of durable photographic equipment aimed at everyone from extreme sports enthusiasts to casual holidaymakers. The three new cameras, launched simultaneously, have a number [Read More]
ELKIN — The 2014 “Show Us Your Best” Northwestern Regional Library Traveling Photography Exhibit will be on display at the Elkin Public Library during the month of September. The contest is sponsored by all member [Read More]
Passenger fights, grabs crew member when seat in front of him is reclined, forcing American Airlines Miami-to-Paris flight to land in Boston. Associated Press. Related. Cops called after fliers fight over seat recline. Northwest travel [Read More]
Labor Day Weekend is an end of the summer ritual that for many Texans that means picnics, barbeques, and outdoor activities around water. Don't let your end-of-summer celebration turn to tragedy. Always watch your kids [Read More]
Betrothed women of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your husbands' names. I'm getting married in a few days, and — as I'm told happens with most weddings — lots of exhausting [Read More]
As the Catholic Church, and religion in general, slowly come to terms with the past future –meaning making up for past mistakes, hypocrisy, and unequal treatment — we should begin the discussion of the future [Read More]
60 million—that's how many images are uploaded to Instagram every day. If the iPhone changed digital photography when it was released in 2007—Instagram's launch in 2010 revolutionized it. “I loved it right away and it [Read More]
In one Tokyo street scene, Shinjuku 1977, a man ascends a staircase in the shadows while his hat and paper bag illuminate the photo. It is impossible not to ask Mr. Suda about his use [Read More]
The moving crowd disappeared because of the long exposure emptying the scene. For more information on shooting the processing infrared with your camera read these dPS articles: How to do Surreal Digital Infrared Photography Without …
As much as I respect the enormous engineering effort and sophistication behind the contemporary Airbus offerings, I can not help myself not to somehow feel engineering science nostalgia when looking at these images.
10 awesome landscape images – photo inspiration by digital photo buzz, photography tips and tutorials.
Canon PowerShot ELPH 150 IS 20MP 10x Opt Zoom Digital Camera Blue Kit,Read more : Product Descr…
Samsung NX Mini Smart Digital Camera Carry the Style, Capture the Best NX Mini Camera Features: – – Samsung Ultra Slim Ultra Light – Touch & Flip-Up Display – Just flip the display turn the…
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If Apple has faltered anywhere with design, it might be that protruding iSight camera lens on the back, which sticks out a tiny fraction of an inch thicker than the rest. It's something that hasn't [Read More]
The Moto G's new rear-facing camera is a definite improvement over its predecessor, but it's still just a mid-range shooter. The Moto G features an 8-megapixel camera sensor with a f/2.0 aperture, rear-facing LED flash, [Read More]
A couple of weeks back we looked at how the iPhone 6 compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, and while some of our readers shared thoughts on which handset they [Read More]
The Jay C. Hormel Nature Center's busy Nature Play program came to an end Thursday. Tom Pease performed for children, parents and senior citizens at two programs on Thursday morning and afternoon in the Ruby [Read More]
2014September's Gallery Night featured the Pensacola Blockparty Wedding on Palafox Place, a performance by Pensacola Opera, Canstruction at the Artel Gallery and much more. Gopensacola; 5 days, 4 hours ago · Life. Pensacola Symphony Orchestra [Read More]
… suitable for swimming come July. And speaking of . . . “July 4,” says Mike. “If you're in a party mood, it's great fun.” Rebecca Teagarden writes about architecture and design for Pacific NW [Read More]
If there is one place where would-be hosts are likely to screw up their party before it even begins, it's answering this question: "What can I bring to the party?" According to my bureau of [Read More]
I have now made a commitment to donate 100,000 e-book copies of The Evolution of an Entrepreneur featuring 50 of my favorite tips for surviving and thriving in business to their students. There is nothing [Read More]
But before you think about cold weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, look back at summers of the 1970s documented by the National Archives. Photographers captured personal summer moments — everything from Florida retirees doing water [Read More]
30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Jake Group, a full-service digital marketing agency, recently redesigned its own website (, which features best practices in responsive web design, custom WordPress development, content marketing, and …
Pets caught reading — Photography contest starts. Monday, Oct. 6. Take a digital photograph of your pet 'reading' and submit it to between Oct. 6, 9 a.m., and Oct. 17, 9 a.m., to be [Read More]
Today we are going to showcase some free and premium wordpress photography themes as well as go over the steps for creating your very own photo blog. We will start with the steps to create [Read More]
Vast samples galleries and the largest database of digital camera specifications. … Nunn answered some questions for us about his work – see a sample of images from 'Falling into the Day' and learn more [Read More]
Canon Digital Photo Professional 4.0.2 for Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit free dowload at UserDrivers.Com. Publisher: Canon, OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, File Size: 185.31 MB.
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