Each month of the 2014 Massachusetts Agriculture calendar features a photograph spotlighting the diversity of agriculture in Massachusetts along with agricultural and conservation facts, teacher tips, events, websites and a seasonal crop list. Order a [Read More]
Simple SLR Ebook, a series of photography guides by Andy Lim, can teach beginners to take professional portraits quickly. On the site abb2u.com, a full overview of Simple SLR indicates … About the website: Launched [Read More]
Whether you've got the latest digital camera or just shooting from the hip with your smartphone, you can capture a great shot with some secrets from the professionals. South East photographer Ralph Meznar, who has [Read More]
The basic skills of digital photography and camera buying tips are among the topics that will be covered. No prior knowledge or equipment is required. The contest includes a category for cell phone submissions as [Read More]
Christina attended the two-day Fitness Model Finishing School, which took place in trendy Shoreditch, London in October, gaining advice and insights into photography, fashion and fitness from the ultimate fitness modelling team. She applied for [Read More]
Instructed by Dave Kelly, DEK Photography, learn how to set-up a digital SLR camera including various settings and menu options, modes and lighting settings to create great images in every situation. Topics such as shutter [Read More]
CNN: What are some tips for photographing on safari? David Gulden: Don't be afraid to get weird or try something unusual. Be wary of the safari … Now I use Canon digital cameras. More: Amazing [Read More]
Written by Cairo bureau chief David Kirkpatrick, the piece offered a nuanced picture of the attack, painting it as somewhat organized, but also sparked by a crudely made anti-Islam movie posted to YouTube, contrary to [Read More]
Subscribers can read the full version of this story by logging into our digital archive. You can also subscribe now or find out about other ways to read The New Yorker digitally. January 6 … [Read More]
At all times, try to stay away from using your digital zoom. Unlike optical zoom on most cameras, on most smartphones when you zoom the image is just enlarged digitally which reduces the quality of [Read More]
Take lots of shots: In our digital age, it's easy to take many photos of a subject, which means that you can try different angles and exposures as long as the subject is game. Find [Read More]
That's what some Nordic travelers did, braving the North Atlantic waters to surf against a surreal backdrop of snow, ice, and volcanic black sand – all for the lens of extreme adventure photographer Chris Burkard. [Read More]
19, Florham Park photographer Bob Young will present “Adventures in Digital Photography.” At 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. … Finally, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 20, horticulturist Mark Zukovich returns with “Pruning Tips with [Read More]
You'll always have the memories of your wedding day, but if you want to reach out and touch a memory, just open your photo album. For most people, a professional photographer is a wedding necessity [Read More]
… tips to make the most of the holiday season. 1. Holiday Photos. Get yourself all dolled up and put on your best smile. Visit your local portrait studio for quick same-day processing of professional [Read More]
Try these tips for serious photographers. hide. The first step in … Thanks to recent advancements in digital camera technology, photographing the night sky has become possible for almost anyone owning a digital camera with [Read More]
In the last few months, the digital tech world has been buzzing about several funky new cameras designed specifically to take enhanced 360-degree video footage. Camera-makers have already shared some impressive video—like this breathtaking view [Read More]
… interactive 3D renderings using 3D glasses. Through a combination of futuristic 3D scanning, HDR photography, and both algorithmic and manual reconstruction; they can quickly create an accurate digital reproduction of any interior; instead of [Read More]
He said a more innovative approach to teaching using digital technology will stop schools from becoming 'exam factories'. He acknowledged that some teachers had lost faith in the examining process because of poor marking saying: [Read More]
We spoke with the photographer at a recent exhibit in Hong Kong — where his larger images were selling for more than $15,000 — where he'd come just after a show at the Saatchi Gallery [Read More]
At that time, digital photography was still in the early stages, and the technology was still pretty expensive and not yet on par with film. Ten years later and digital cameras seem … The iON [Read More]
Christmas Day will be gone in a flash – a flash of LED and xenon as well as the passage of time – and it's great to capture those family moments while you've got the [Read More]
… right camera for you when there's so much choice at prices ranging from £300 to £5,000 or more. Below we've got some tips on shopping for a DSLR. … Digital Stabilization: Unlike optical and [Read More]
Those participating will come away understanding important concepts about a digital camera like white balance, image size, lighting, file types and other tips that improve photography. Suggested donations are $15 per person and $25 per [Read More]
Introduction to Digital Photography: Learn controls and settings, tips for taking better pictures, transferring images to, and organizing them on, a computer. Bring the camera and manual. Registration required. Weekly 3-4:30 p.m. Wed, Jan. 8-15. [Read More]
Each month of the 2014 Massachusetts Agriculture calendar features a photograph spotlighting the diversity of agriculture in Massachusetts along with agricultural and conservation facts, teacher tips, events, websites and a seasonal crop list. Order a [Read More]
Remember, Fitts says: "LinkedIn profiles let you control a part of your digital footprint." At a minimum profiles should feature: … For tips on using a phone's camera see: How to take amazing photos with [Read More]
We get information from tips, informants, Crime Stoppers, etc.,” he said. “The statute of limitation on felony theft cases is five years and two years for misdemeanor cases. Many of the … In addition, the [Read More]
Whether your want to or not, it's almost a requirement to snap pictures around the holidays. "The cool thing about all this digital and the phones now, you can take multiple photos," said Lana Williams, [Read More]
All runners-up will receive a critique of their work from the guest judges, and UncommonGoods' marketing team will provide tips for marketing and growing their businesses. Additionally, UncommonGoods' buyers will review each entrant's full … [Read More]
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