Based in the historical Essex town of Waltham Abbey owner and photographer Richard Clarke ABIPP is running a special offer for a family portrait shoot in the local area until the end of the year. [Read More]
Memoir can dig out photos of you and friends instantly if you request them, and can show you what you were doing at this moment a year ago, for nostalgic effect. However, if you want [Read More]
I had bought my first digital camera, I was attending a lot of art openings and I just wanted to capture the faces of the people I met. So in the beginning the blog was [Read More]
Digital Photography Success created by Amy Renfrey is a new photography training program that reveals to people easy tips for taking pictures, and detailed instructions on how to create beautiful shots. A full Digital Photography [Read More]
To help you take some award-winning pigskin pics at an NFL game, we reached out to NFL Network photographer Jeff Lewis to provide some tips. To shoot in the NFL, Lewis relies heavily on speed: [Read More]
In this course, Sofia will reveal to people photography tips and tricks, proven and quick ways to improve their picture taking skills, and step-by-step strategies on how to increase the amount of clients. After Sofia [Read More]
Owners will learn helpful tips to keep their pets happy and healthy. The free event goes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Central … The event goes from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and [Read More]
*Photography at the ornamental ponds, RHS Wisley, Surrey. Frogs provided courtesy of Animal Works. SOURCE Freeview … for Journalists for releases, photos and customised feeds just for Media. View and download archived video content distributed [Read More]
The skills and resources Gallagher used to get the story set the stage for the next few days — great background research, digital image matching, video archive searching and the rare lucky break. One of [Read More]
The couple will share their photographs and nature photography techniques and tips, explaining the how, where and when of achieving their results. … However, this changed in 2006 when Mike gave her a digital SLR [Read More]
Focus eMagazine created by Amy Renfrey is the latest program that reveals to people digital photography basics, easy tips to enhance their picture taking skills, and simple ways to master their camera. The program also [Read More]
Instructed by Dave Kelly, DEK Photography, use elements of composition to direct the eye of the viewer to the image you want them to see. Learn composition skills needed to create balance and harmony. Digital [Read More]
I've gathered some tips for garden photography while combining two of my favorite hobbies — photography and gardening . Here's what I've learned …. place, and photograph. The beauty of digital is that you can [Read More]
Save Your Photos And Your Sanity created by Christine Sutton and Tracey DuBois is a new book that reveals to people photography tips and tricks, and the secret to reduce the time they need to [Read More]
If people want to take good photos, people should follow some photography courses that provide them with wedding photography tips and tricks, and portrait photography tips, photo editing lessons, and exercises to enhance their photo [Read More]
Shutterbug's Guide to Portrait Photography is a new photography training course that teaches people how to become a better photographer, how to take stunning portraits, and how to make their customers come back to them [Read More]
Imagic Photo program is a new photo enhancement program that helps people have the ability to upload their digital photos and make enhancements to the appearance and quality of the image. This program is created [Read More]
Digital photography: Learn the operation of a digital camera and what makes digital photography different from traditional film in a course running 6-8 p.m. Thursdays, Oct. 24-Dec. 5 at the CVCC Alexander Center for Education [Read More]
But today, we are diving a bit deeper into the engagement pool to explore one of content marketing's most powerful assets: visual content media, including photos, videos, infographics, and other storytelling devices that connect with [Read More]
With 60 exhibitors, it combines primitive and modern art with jewellery, photography and design. This year, 15 of the 28 galleries under the umbrella of … The latter offers the chance to see a piece [Read More]
Santa Monica-based consultancy Select Resources International will oversee the review which will involve digital media brand oversight nd separately, digital media optimization and analytics. The review, Ad Age reports, will not begin until the fourth [Read More]
Us Weekly notes Lively's brand sounds strikingly similar to Paltrow's GOOP, a digital company and publication founded and created by the actress. It sends members a weekly e-newsletter featuring recipes, travel notes, wellness tips, shopping [Read More]
On-screen help shows you how to use the functions, with helpful hints and tips, making it an easy camera to get to know. All in all, it's a great option for travellers, offering professional-quality technology [Read More]
Posing Secrets Vol. 1 is a newly updated program that provides people with a lot of photography pose ideas, and simple ways to focus on the body to aid posing. The program also covers a [Read More]
We've got a couple of tips on how to do better Macro photography. We strongly encourage the use of a … Though 35mm film may be outdone these days by full frame and APS-C digital, [Read More]
The New River Community and Technical College Office of Workforce Education has rescheduled the four-session Basic Digital Photography Class that was scheduled to begin in Summersville Sept. 19. It will now begin Oct. 10 and [Read More]
Learn Digital Photography With Geoff Lawrence program contains a series of digital photography tutorials, and tips and tricks to deal with any photographic situation. Is it reliable? Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) September 27, 2013. Learn Digital [Read More]
The look of the show makes the most of its setting, and also the technology by which viewers see it: In an age of digital video, with the smallest detail and the sharpest resolution visible [Read More]
Us Weekly notes Lively's brand sounds strikingly similar to Paltrow's GOOP, a digital company and publication founded and created by the actress. It sends members a weekly … 2010 in New York City. (Photo by [Read More]
To assist those starting a photography business, the course includes a variety of bonus materials that addresses topics ranging from tips on posing subjects and digital equipment to operating a photography business in a recession. [Read More]
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