They'll take away tips, tricks and modelling secrets from top industry experts, along with photos, a video and goody bags. Alexandra says: “The school is part finishing school, part personal consultancy, and part academy – [Read More]
IN my introduction to the Photographer of the Year competition, I summarised the categories with some tips and advice, at which point I alluded to my personal favourite – black and white. As I said [Read More]
Switch your camera to beach mode – Most modern digital cameras and cell phones, have a beach mode available. Much like in snow, lighting conditions at any beach are usually extreme for most of the [Read More]
Photographic education typically costs an arm and a leg, but that's all about to change. That's because Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has launched a photography business development and learning platform unlike any other. PPAedu [Read More]
Therefore we opted for the entry-level full frame digital camera of Canon's, the EOS 6D. At between £1,500 to … But before we started, it was time to grill Oldham on what we should be [Read More]
As with the interior, the RS6 distinquishes itself from the standard A6 with a range of RS6 badges, additionally you can recognize the RS6 C7 by its two large oval exhaust tips, a rear diffuser, [Read More]
Classes available in September include: Basic Computer for Beginners; Internet Basic; Email Basic; MS Word 2010; MS Excel 2010; MS PowerPoint Basic; Introduction to Windows 8; Tech Savvy Tips & Tricks and Basic Digital Photography. [Read More]
Students taking part in the club, hosted by local photographer David Smith, will learn the basics of digital photography, lighting and composition, as well as more advanced techniques. The club is free, but students will [Read More]
Reply to this discussion to share your one-tank road trip ideas and tips (…and even photos!). Be sure to include the location of travel with approximate mileage. How do you tell your parents it is [Read More]
Jewelry, pottery, photography, embroidery, woodworking, pine needle baskets, knitting, crocheting, felted items, log furniture, emu oil and eggs, greeting cards and oil painting by 20 artists. Silent auction by the fire department. Sweatshirts …. 17 [Read More]
Then another pose with focus on her lacy nautical top and the victory sign intact. She was smiling almost conversationally at her digital companion. I couldn't suppress a giggle. If she was offended, she disguised [Read More]
MANCHESTER – Free classes at the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications this fall include three kinds of writing and a dose of photography for everyone from middle-schoolers to retirees. The six-week session of Wednesday [Read More]
If, on the other hand, the newsletter had been filled with helpful tips about how to ease his Plantar fasciitis, he would have remained a subscriber, and seen many more brand impressions as a result. [Read More]
Smartphones and cheaper digital cameras are notorious for having lenses and image sensors that just don't capture light as well as professional systems. The answer is, simply, to move your subject into better lighting. Who [Read More]
But these days, they're also showing up on social media, digital scrapbooks, photo gifts, products—the possibilities are endless! So, what camera should you bring to the parks to capture all those magical moments? Let's take [Read More]
PhotoShelter (, the worldwide leader in photography portfolio websites, sales and marketing tools for photographers, today published a new free educational guide, Growing Your Portrait Photography Business, Part I: Families, …
Instructor Barbara George will cover topics on charts and forms, how to acquire information from genealogical and surname sites and provide search engine tips. … Learn about these and much more in All About Digital [Read More]
Registration: 9:30-11 a.m. The Putnam Valley Center's classes are: Computer Fundamentals, Maintaining Your Computer, Internet/e-mail, Digital Photography and iPads. Registration: 10 a.m.-noon. Registration will be held at both Centers on the first …
Obituaries · News Tips · Read the E-Edition · Submit an Announcement · Videos · Buy Photos · Archives · Blogs · Email / Text Alerts · News … Visitors will see what photographs and [Read More]
Topics include creating a photo blind, using a remote, flash, ISO settings, macro and time lapse photography. Suitable for beginning and intermediate … Zinio: Library card holders can learn how to create free accounts to [Read More]
And now that the summer festival season is winding down and live music is (largely) scampering back indoors, it seemed like an opportune time to humbly submit a few etiquette tips. … If you're 10 [Read More]
The 'Alexandra Wilson Fitness Model Finishing School' takes place at the trendy fashion shoot venue the Milliners Loft – which has played host to shoots featured in Elle, Cosmo, Vogue and Look Magazine, and to [Read More]
Pro photographer Sara Kauss shared these DIY tips with Digital Trends—and, hey, they actually seem pretty doable! 1: Anticipate emotions. It's a wedding, so there will be plenty of feels. But Kauss says that you [Read More]
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, micro-blogs, Skype, texting, digital photography, YouTube, and other technologies allow us to communicate in ways previously unimaginable. With mobile devices, we can broadcast when something occurs. The great benefit of …
After two successful runs in Sydney, CNET Australia in conjunction with Nikon is bringing a photo walk to Melbourne on 14 September. … You'll be supplied with a Nikon camera and given all the tips [Read More]
The four will join the community of BERNINA Experts who supply project ideas, patterns and tips to fuel creativity and a love for sewing at The blog also provides an online community for sewers [Read More]
Stories on the site right now include apps that help you get a good night's sleep, speed up the valet parking process in D.C., break up by text, pay your restaurant check and “Pro tips: [Read More]
Classes available in September include: Basic Computer for Beginners; Internet Basic; Email Basic; MS Word 2010; MS Excel 2010; MS PowerPoint Basic; Introduction to Windows 8; Tech Savvy Tips & Tricks and Basic Digital Photography. [Read More]
His income is not fixed; it depends on the number of households in the pool and the tips he sometimes gets. When asked …. Digital tools such as Babajob will help make the labor market [Read More]
A four-session digital photography course will be offered in Lewisburg, Beckley and Marlinton, and a one-session nature photography class will be offered in Summersville. Summersville-based photographer and teacher Mark Romano is the instructor for all …
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