1200mm Canon 5.6 L Super Telephoto Lens

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Shop at B&H: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/801201815-USE/canon_2527a001_super_telephoto_1200mm_f_5_6l.html For this special video we invite Bryan Carnathan of …


B and H says:

+Kurnia Lim Sorry, we just don’t have that information any more for you.

Jon McCoy says:

how much does one of those run?

d0ntreply says:

Stalker level: Canon

B and H says:

+TheJesusofKayaking The Canon 1200mm f/5.6L would be an excellent option
for a walk around lens on the Canon 600D; if perhaps you have recently had
an accident with nuclear waste that has given you super human powers, live
on the moon, or happen to be a billionaire playboy who’s built a mechanical
exoskeleton Christina askbh@bandh.com 

Quaaartz says:

only usable to take picture of a nuclear explosion.these are rare today :(

Neil Mason says:

You know, if you walked closer to what you wanted to take a picture of, you
wouldn’t need such a big lens – just saying.

king shaman says:

Inspired by Edwin Hubble!
Can this fit on my iPhone?

ES Designs says:

Does it work from space?

Paavan Patel says:

oh my god

ibanezrg470 says:

Imagine the look on the bride and grooms face,when u show up to do their
wedding with that.

Alex Curtis says:

Or you can buy a Sony h400 and get 63x zoom for £150… Bargain 😉 

Marktplaats Man says:

Can you shoot vlogs with this?

JulianUndso says:

-Use a 1D
-Shoot in portrait
-Don’t use the dedicated portrait shutter, rather use the main shutter.

Dan IHEA says:

*Mother of all Telephoto Lenses* IN ACTION!

16,3 kg


pressdesign says:

C’mon, relax… ;0)

Boxhawk says:

For some reason the thought of you guys screwing on a tiny teleconverter
onto this beast made me chuckle.

infamousfanclub says:

Awesome video. That guy is crushing it capturing the helicopter with that
1200mm lens! 

Rafael Castillo says:

Let me order 2, please.

Andrew Cowley says:

That’s not a telephoto, this is a telephoto lens.

Ryan Garris says:

How much dose that cost Canon to make and how much would it sell for. 

Bogdan Pop says:

awkward levels are on red.

Jacob Sargent says:

5:00 why’s the shadow the lens and the man behind the brick part of the

426 Productions says:

I have a 2600MM lens that can see the pilot in a helicopter 15 miles away.
(Assuming you can get it in frame)

ankhaa battulga says:

San Francisco city

munir naza says:

back pain lens

xXHomerSimpsonXx says:

Atmospheric distortion must be a bitch on this.

Jim Lindeman says:

1200mm Canon 5.6 L Super Telephoto Lens: Just in case you are wondering
what one looks like

RyanOfSeattle says:

That Is Not A Lens It Is A Canon 

jamesbryan rulida says:

Good for Walk around lens with eos m attach 

EdEditz says:

That’s a $120.000,- lens, in excellent condition. $100 per millimetre focal
length. You don’t buy those, you rent them :)

myladyash says:

I’d rather buy a Lexus!

alphaphotoandvideo says:

i bet you can see ET’s home

Ignotas Asadauskas says:

this is what happens when you mix nerds and art. = soulless review

WowPwnageCurseless says:

Just buy canon sx60hs and you have that telephoto range but image quality
is a lower + it will save you a lot of money.

Taylor Hasal says:

Pause at 2:09 and look at the lady toward the bottom left corner lol

Barrie Tingle says:

+George Pigula I found your next lens :)




Tim Covington says:


Xanode says:


Shiba Inu Mochi says:

I heard this was priced at around 120k. is that true?

Markus Stark says:

That’s ridicules! I achieve 5600mm with a amazing Image Quality!
You don’t believe? Watch http://youtu.be/coOvVFYvQrM
(with my Leica 2,8/400mm and TC 1,4x and TC 2x = F8/1120mm and 5x crop from
the GH3)

Dustin Palea says:

2:00 “I’d love to…”

Vaughn Sigal says:

that seems a little excessive 

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